lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

What are the main challenges faced in the transition from f2f environment to an online environment.

1. - Open lines of communication, without involving our stay online.

2. - Respond to time regarding questions and assessments during the course, that student will not feel confused or discouraged about your performance.

3. - Manjear appropriately timed delivery, discussions, reports and all kinds of activities that are required in the course.

4. - Encourage and remind the group about the importance of being in touch periodically to be aware of its development, changes and see the work of all members.

5. - Know various online tools and diversify properly to avoid falling on a saturated course online activities, better promote the updating in this area, to take advantage of this resource as educational benefit.

I think I'm part of the challenges that I have to handle at the moment have to coordinate an online course.
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