lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

Reflection about being online instructor

As to be online instructor feel it is an area of ​​my profession that I require driving today, as most of the institutions begin to use this new educational system, as an option, and I notice that for some students, especially people it works, it is more practical and functional option for this system.

Similarly consider very useful the management of all the options mentioned in the course, as I've noticed in conversations with some colleagues who are close to social networks (facebook, Whatss app) or search engines (google, yahoo answers) how unique alternative ways to supplement the teaching-learning process, ignore all the options that can be accessed.

I hope to learn about new tools, stategies and skills during this certification process,  that allow me to complement the different subjects I teach, high school and university level, to meet the education required  system and support its growth and developing a new generation of professionals that make up the institutions to which it can develop my work.

Likewise, transmit these tools to my students and colleagues so that each of you consider relevant use for his performance and as students.

During the process, I consider some challenges will  present to me like this: lack of certain technical training on the management of the computer, using the  applications mentioned during the course and perhaps some of this tools.

Ms. Monica Martinez Licona.

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